Baguio Central University (BCU) (formerly Lyceum of Baguio – 1976)

School Details
Private Non-Sectarian
Dr. Margarita J. Fernandez – President
Address : No. 18 Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Benguet 2600
Telephone : (074)442-4949
Fax : (074)444-8510
E-mail :
Year Established : 1945

Academic Programs
Doctor of Education G.R. No. 32 s. 1975 – DRO
PhD G.R. No. heD-36 s. 1993 – DRO
MA in Education G.R. No. 326 s. 1962 – DRO
Master in Business Administration G.R. No. 047 s. 1983 – DRO
Master in Public Administration G.R. No. 046 s. 1983 – DRO
Bachelor of Arts G.R. No. 539 s. 1955 – DRO
Bachelor of Elementary Education G.R. No. 216 s. 1959 – DRO
Bachelor of Secondary Education G.R. No. 538 s. 1959 – DRO
BS in Accountancy G.R. No. heD-15 s. 1993 – DRO
BS in Civil Engineering G.R. No. 84 s. 1971 – DRO
BS in Commerce G.R. No. 537 s. 1955 – DRO
BS in Computer Science G.R. No. 12 s. 1996 – DRO
BS in Criminal Justice System G.R. No. s. 2003 – DRO
BS in Geodetic Engineering G.R. No. heD-37 s. 1994 – DRO
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management G.R. No. 33 s. 1996 – DRO
BS in Nursing G.R. No. 14 s. 1996 – DRO
BS in Office Administration G.R. No. 014 s. 1995 – DRO
BS in Physical Therapy G.R. No. 191 s. 1998 – DRO
BS in Public Administration G.R. No. 136 s. 1987 – DRO
BS in Tourism G.R. No. 15 s. 1996 – DRO
Doctor of Medicine G.R. No. s. 2003 – DRO
Associate in Computer Technology G.R. No. heD-26 s. 1993 – DRO
Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management G.R. No. (R-I) he-17 s. 1986 – DRO
Certificate in Computer Secretarial G.R. No. heD-32 s. 1993 – DRO
Graduate in Midwifery G.R. No. 023 s. 1995 – DRO

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15 Responses to “Baguio Central University (BCU)”  

  1. 1 eileen kalahi

    .. may i ask if your school is offering a bachelor of science in business administration, major in entrepreneur?

  2. 2 Erica Adap

    i just want to ask if when is the enrollment for doctor of medicine? and the tuition fee? thank you..

  3. 3 shin ha

    May I ask if your school is offering bachelor of science in machine engineering?Please reply.thanks!

  4. 4 mervic

    may i ask if how much tuition fee per sem (computer secretarial) ? the books that will be use?

  5. 5 mafe

    may I ask the tuition fee for Criminology (per unit) ?

  6. 6 carla may

    may i ask the tuition fee of midwifery?

  7. 7 jeny juice

    can i still enroll as first year college my course is com.secritarial…eventhough im late to enroll?tnx po


    I am interested to enrol Ph D. for the 1st sem SY 2012-2013. Is enrolment still open, please accommodate me though it’s somehow late. How many units to enrol during semester? How much per unit? Thank you very much

  9. 9 s.pogi

    Good day ask k po sana kung kelan ang nmat exam here sa baguio for 2013 exam and ask ko po sana kung magkanu tuition fee for doctor of medicine.Thanks a lot and God bless!


    good day po! ask ko lng po sana kng magkano tuition nyo sa college of medicine and kng anung nmat percentile ang required nyo..thanks po :)

  11. 11 lhen

    tanggap po ba kau student from taiwan?at anu po rules and regulations?thanks

  12. 12 fena austria

    good day ask ko po sana kong my course po kau na arts and communication? at mgkano po ang tuition fee?

  13. 13 mariechris budoyan

    what are the subjects to be offered this summer for the course PHAS? thank you very much

  14. 14 berlyn addamag

    may i ask if how much is the tuition fee for doctor of medicine? thank you!

  15. 15 Rex

    May i ask if BCU is offeric Electrical Engineering

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